The executive search project for Google represents a strategic collaboration

Aimed at filling key positions in Google’s software engineer leadership team, the process stands out for its innovation and pursuit of exceptional talent, particularly visionary leaders aligned with the company’s culture and goals. This strengthens the management team, driving innovation and fostering the growth of this big tech giant in Brazil.

Google announces plan to create engineering center in São Paulo.

Tech and Business

The company will partner with the state government to create an area at the Technological Research Institute. This will be Google’s second center in Brazil.

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Ella initiates search for
executives for Google in an innovative process

Human Resources and Careers

Ella officially announced the commencement of an innovative executive search process for Google. Specializing in identifying exceptional talent, the company will leverage advanced recruitment methods to identify visionary leaders aligned with Google’s culture and objectives. Read More. Read More.

High-caliber executives
sought to join
Google through Ella

Job Market

Ella is committed to finding high-caliber leaders to join the Google team. The recruitment process aims to fill strategic positions and drive excellence in the operations of the technology giant. Read More.

Open Roles