Deli Matsuo

Deli Matsuo is a seasoned HR executive with over 20 years of experience. He is the founder of AppusHR, an HR Analytics tech startup. He is also member of several boards of pre-IPO and publicly listed companies, and is deeply connected to the tech startup ecosystem. He is also an active mentor at, where he mentors several highly successful unicorn-level companies. Having degrees in electrical engineering, computer science and an MBA from FIA/USP in Brazil, has allowed him to run HR practices at many large multinational companies, as well as tech startups and Venture Capital Firms.

Barbara Avrella

Bárbara Avrella is a Journalist (UFSM) and has a PhD in Social Communication (PUCRS). She has extensive professional experience in communication and an excellent academic background. In her academic experience, she published in relevant scientific journals and participated in research groups. She is a food and healthy-life enthusiast, making her hobby a profile on social networks. Her experience collaborates to act as an Executive Tech Recruiter, assisting in recruiting strategic opportunities in the technology area.

Iasmin Ribeiro

Iasmin Ribeiro has had an accomplished career as an executive secretary, which provided her significant experience regarding relationships with the general public. As part of her background in startups, she had the opportunity to deal directly with the entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem, and now applies this experience in her role as Executive Tech Recruiter. In addition, with the arrival of motherhood, she acquired skills that contributed to her professional journey, such as resilience, carrying out multiple tasks and high negotiation skills.

Mervyn Lowe

Mervyn is a seasoned serial entrepreneur with a proven track record in successfully launching startups and spearheading open innovation projects within the Education and HR sectors. With more than a decade of extensive international experience conducting business across 20 countries spanning South and North America, Europe, Asia, and Arab countries, he possesses a wealth of cross-cultural insights and a keen understanding of global markets. Mervyn’s expertise in collaborating with large corporations further enhances his highly effective sales professional capabilities.

Mariana Fontoura

Mariana Fontoura is a journalist and a Ph.D. candidate in Social Communication (PUCRS). Since her graduation, she has been working for over 10 years as a freelance photojournalist for newspapers and press agencies. As a researcher, she currently studies the interface between digital games and photography, merging her profession with one of her passions. Research, observation, and storytelling, whether through images, are skills connected to her education and that contribute directly to her work as an Executive Tech Recruiter.

Larissa Martini

Larissa Martini is a Publicist (UFRGS). Due to her interest in understanding consumer practices, she experienced many researches in order to increase her knowledge of the business. During graduation, she also earned a six-month academic mobility scholarship in Portugal, which awakened her love for travel and new cultures. The curiosity and keen eye developed during her trajectory are essential skills on a daily basis as an Executive Tech Researcher.

Francieli Traesel

Francieli Traesel is a journalist (UFSM) and has a Master’s Degree in Communication (UFPR). She has worked as a news reporter and as a Teacher, teaching classes for Journalism and Advertising courses. She also coordinated the MBA department in an university. Recently she has worked as an institutional communication and marketing coordinator at a health insurance company. Her curiosity for other cultures and storytelling led her to live in several Brazilian states. In addition to her research, writing, and interviewing skills, those experiences support her as an Executive Tech Recruiter.

Marcus Laranjeira

Marcus Laranjeira is an experienced marketing professional with a passion for connecting with people and their behaviors. Throughout his career, he worked on big marketing projects in Brazil, such as Ambev and Equatorial. Currently, he is responsible for that area at Ella Executive Search, making our company known in Brazil and abroad. His energy has made Ella a better place to work daily.

Gabriel Suamme

Gabriel Suamme is a Psychologist (UNEB) and follows the psychoanalysis school of thought. He has professional experience as therapist and have worked as a assistant psychologist, attending children in the autism spectrum disorder. He has also interest in human sciences, tecnology and in the recruitment and selection process. All those fields helps him as Executive Tech Recruiter, assisting in recruiting strategic opportunities in the technology area.

Inaie Melo

Inaie, one of our researchers, has a unique career journey. Initially a lawyer with a degree from UNESP, she decided to pursue her dream of living abroad. Ten years ago, she moved to New York for a year to study English, an experience that opened her mind to different cultures. Following this, she joined a major airline, where she worked for five years, traveling the world and developing her soft skills in a diverse and cosmopolitan environment. Now, she is dedicated to connecting with people and helping them discover new career paths.

Isabelle Eler

Isabelle has had ten years of experience as an English as a Second Language teacher, having met the most diverse profiles and learned to be extremely people-centered. Along with that, she holds a Letras (UTFPR) degree and loves literature and good stories. As an Executive Tech Researcher, she is able to identify compelling stories and characters to help talented people develop their narratives and connect with the right employers.

Larissa Rebouças

Larissa is dedicated to pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Bolstered by her rich experience as a volunteer in England—an experience that broadened her perspectives and enriched her understanding of diverse cultures—she ventured into teaching English to students of all ages and levels. This journey ignited her desire to explore the realm of people management, leading her into the field of recruitment. Her keen interest in the nuances of human nature empowers her to look beyond just the technical skills of candidates, enabling her to uncover true talent as an Executive Tech Recruiter.

Mariana Andreolla

Mariana holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from UFCSPA. Her background in scientific research and psychology equips her with strong analytical and interpersonal skills, crucial for identifying and connecting with exceptional candidates. Having lived in the United States and recruited for software engineering roles across different countries (US, Brazil, Mexico), she possesses an understanding of cross-cultural dynamics. In her role as Executive Tech Recruiter, she is dedicated to fostering meaningful professional connections and positively contributing to the tech recruitment industry.