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We build long-lasting relationships

We can help you reach new heights. When considering joining Ella’s network, you’ll have access to a wide range of opportunities in tech companies. We have the knowledge and tools to streamline the process, increasing the likelihood of connecting you to highly desirable roles. As we get to know each other, we learn to rely on our network to find talents and opportunities. We build this network together.


A thorough analysis.

Our candidate analysis takes into account your skills, experience and career goals, ensuring transparency throughout the process and allowing us to match you with ideal job opportunities. We evaluate each opportunity based on its alignment with your profile and prioritize maintaining a high level of confidentiality and humanity in all stages of your professional relocation.


Improving talent discovery:

Leverage our experience and extensive network to discover career opportunities. With our extensive industry knowledge and strong connections, Ella is well positioned to identify and introduce you to exciting career prospects. By partnering with us, you can save time that would otherwise be spent on extensive research and analysis.

Recruitment Process Steps


We recognize the importance of creating a comprehensive and accurate description of your professional profile to ensure a successful job search.


If your profile fits a specific position at some company we’re currently helping (ou working with), we will contact you.

Ella Interview

An Ella Executive Search specialist conducts a full interview followed by a thorough analysis of that interview.

Client interview

We submit successful candidates to the hiring manager of the client company.

Reference check

All finalists for any position go through detailed reference checks.

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“I was on the search for the ideal profile for the position of CTO for nearly two years, going through two tier 1 executive recruitment companies. Through Endeavor, I came to know Ella Executive Search and in just five months, they were able to precisely translate what GRAN needed and quickly connected us with matching profiles. Deep understanding of the market, focus on company culture, long-term strategic partnership, reputation, and agility and effectiveness are some of the differentiators of Ella. From the extreme, peculiar, and unique ability to translate the job profile and communicate to executives, to the minute details of a stock options contract, Ella operates with excellence at all stages. I recommend them without any reservations!”


“The competition for technology talent in the market is extremely fierce: we do not train enough professionals to meet the demand of companies that grow exponentially. Ella Executive Search is a great partner in this journey: their knowledge of the technology market helps us to correctly understand our demands and challenges, which in addition to greatly speeding up the hiring process, also helps in the success of the candidate. I highly recommend it!” 


“Ella has been a great partner of ours since our early days. They not only do a job of finding candidates for our demands, but they understand our culture, our strategic objectives and help us prioritize and consolidate the profile for each challenge. What impresses me most about Ella’s work is their ability to understand our culture and deliver professionals who are well adherent to it. I find this fundamental in a company that doubles in size rapidly and needs to be careful so that growth does not become a cultural problem and consequently a lack of identity and belonging.”


“The first differential of Ella Executive Search is that they start the process before the other hunters, that is, helping you to define the ideal profile for the position, and the second differential comes when accessing the candidates: the market knows the reputation of the team and this makes all the difference in reaching the right professionals.”


Ella’s Podcast

What if we merge the daily knowledge we gather in this industry with the expertise of tech company executives to gradually reshape the world? In pursuit of this mission, we’ve created Tech Me Up: a podcast that delves into technology, the market, and the driving forces behind startup ventures. Every month, we unveil an episode featuring fresh guests and a distinct theme, masterfully hosted by Fran Traesel.

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The tech world moves fast. Ella Insights can help you not only keep up, but get ahead of the game. We survey what is happening now and what might be next. You can use our insights to get a better picture of opportunities and challenges for your company in an age of ceaseless change and innovation. Knowledge is your power.


Deli Matsuo
Managing Partner
Barbara Avrella
Partner | Executive Tech Recruiter
Iasmin Ribeiro
Partner | Executive Tech Recruiter
Mervyn Lowe
Partner | Executive Sales
Mariana Fontoura
Partner | Executive Tech Recruiter
Larissa Martini
Executive Tech Researcher
Francieli Traesel
Executive Tech Recruiter
Marcus Laranjeira
Marketing Analyst
Gabriel Suamme
Executive Tech Researcher
Inaie Melo
Executive Tech Researcher

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